Sunday, May 13, 2012

Carrie Underwood Goes “All Britney Spears” In Hilarious Duet With Jimmy Kimmel

Who could forget Carrie Underwood‘s gritty jilted girlfriends’ anthem “Before He Cheats”? You know, the one that made everybody want to beat the crap out of their exes’ cars? (No? Just us?) Well, did you know that there’s a sequel to the hit country song?! The American Idol alum teamed up with late night host Jimmy Kimmel for a hilarious duet that talks about “the aftermath of revenge.” Watch the full video for Carrie and Jimmy’s “Before You Freak” after the jump.
Getting revenge on the boyfriend who cheated on you sounds awesome in theory, but there are consequences. Take it from FOX American Idol winner Carrie Underwood.
In the hilarious “sequel” to her hit “Before He Cheats,” funny man Jimmy Kimmel plays a karaoke-singing, fanny-pack wearing guy drinking a virgin margarita one night out on the town when he sees Carrie Underwood going “all Britney Spears” on his truck, which she mistook for her boyfriend’s, who also drives a red pick-up truck with a fake mustache. What a coincidence!
What happens next? And how are Hello Kitty and James Van Der Beek involved?!
Check out the video:

We already knew that Carrie had vocal chops, but kudos to Jimmy Kimmel for holdin’ his own with the country star. Not bad!
Tell us RTVM– What did you think of Carrie Underwood and Jimmy Kimmel’s duet?